Technical pipes and profiles

Product innovation,

new shapes and light-weight designs signify new geometries with new production and processing specifications.


AKMA Technology GmbH competently advises, plans and executes extrusion lines for manufacturing technical profiles and pipes. The industrial manufacturing equipment isalways matched and executed to the individual requirements and applications.

Among the many technical and mechanical requirements, the product innovations also signify a challenge to geometry, raw material compounds and the specification for the intended purpose. In this respect, the AKMA Technology GmbH shows competency from prototype technical-release procedure to the process technology for manufacturing the technical profile. A network of superior institutions and associations qualifies the AKMA Technology GmbH in addition to the in-house experience values. AKMA Technology GmbH can refer to over 20 years of experience and development of extrusion machines and total plant engineering. AKMA Technology GmbH design and manufacture bespoke systems for all types of Plastic Extrusions. AKMA Technology controls the entire processing chain, beginning with the concept, developing the solution, planning, design and tooling-up, for complete implementation of the solution - for the customer. As an owner-managed, mid-size company, AKMA Technology GmbH is able to respond flexibly to customer demands, and is :

“Your partner and system planner from concept - to the end product“

Precision, functionality and reliability define the quality of AKMA machines and plants