Range of competency and services

The extrusion of different extrusion products requires different cooling bath technology following the extrusion process.Cooling and dimensional stability, profile accuracy and the tolerances are criteria for the correct selection of the cooling bath technology.The execution is carried out depending on the extruded plastic granulates, which can be processed as mono-material plastics, compounds or material mixes (e.g. WPC)Design and implementation of the vacuum and cooling bath technology is carried out according to the customer-specific quality and requirement specifications of the final product.

The version of the

  • extruder with process control
  • the extruder screw structure
  • the extrusion tool,
  • the cooling bath, vacuum tank and calibration technology to be used

The specific machine links, from which the extrusion machine and plant technology becomes an extrusion line, results in the successful implementation of the required quality of the end product.A range of experiences from a large number of executed versions are on hand and facilitate the optimum solution for extrusion lines for manufacturing

  • precision tubes as mono-lumen tube, multi-lumen tube, or as mono-layer, multi-layer tube
  • precision pipe manufacturing as mono-layer pipe, multi-layer pipe for maximum demands
  • precision profiles for industrial application on high-end quality products
  • solid rod cross-sections for the application of tools and other high-quality applications


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Performance characteristics

The range of AKMA Technology GmbH vacuum tank, calibration and cooling bath technology includes the following versions

  • submerged cooling
  • spray cooling
  • cooling bath technology up to 6000mm of one piece
  • modular extension of the cooling bath length
  • cooling bath temperature control for controlled cooling (cooling curve)
  • cooling bath adjustment of the X-Y-C-axis for optimum bath alignment
  • vacuum generation by Venturi procedure
  • vacuum generation by vacuum pump
  • process-controlled vacuum regulation
  • Compact design allows a straight alignment within the entire extrusion line.
  • Water flow rate measurement




Connected to a higher-levelprocess control(interface programming).


Flexible installation situations,modular structure for site-independent integration.


Integration of measurement systemsfor continuous quality inspection in cooling bath geometry


Ultrasonic measurement


Diameter measurement


Extension of cooling lengthby redirecting the extrudate inside the cooling bath


Integrablebelt haul-offunit


Automatic cooling bathadjustmentof the X-Y-C-axis


Integrated water bath cooling