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AKMA Technology GmbH  advises, plans, engineers and manufactures complete pipe extrusion lines for single-layer and multi-layer applications, that are used in many industrial fields where plastic pipes are applied.

Common extrusion materials for pipe manufacturing are : PVC / PE / PA / PTFE / PP / ECTFE (ethylene chloride fluorethylene)/ PVDF (polyvinylidene fluorine) / poly fluoride

The fields of application of plastic pipes vary between common applications such as passing of fluid materials, of bulk material or powders, of gaseous materials as well as high-quality pipes and multi-layer pipes in the fields of heating and air-condition technology, water, waste water technology, medical engineering and other applications for high-quality pipe extrusions.  

AKMA Technology GmbH has executed many a pipe extrusion plant of the most different profile geometries for these industries, including planning, design, precision engineering, quality and reliability.  

For any further questions regarding design, dimensioning and execution of the machine and plant technology for pipe extrusion, please contact AKMA Technology GmbH as your partner for individual design of plastic products.