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AKMA Technology GmbH advises, plans, designs and manufactures complete Profile Extrusion lines for many fields of application in industry where technical plastic materials are used and find their according application.

Common and possible extrusion materials for profile manufacturing are

  • Thermoplastics (PEEK / PE / PET / PP / P/PMMA / POM / etc.)
  • Duroplastics (TPU / TPE-U / etc.)
  • Elastomers (ABS / EPDM / EVA / etc.), and
  • Fibre-reinforced plastics

In the field of the composites, for the particular use as technical profile for highly stressed applications,the AKMA Technology GmbH develops innovative solutions based on mixes of natural fibre material (wood, hemp, cotton, etc.) with different polymers.

The fields of application of plastic profiles differ between the common applications for joint and edge profiles, round and half-round profiles, hollow and solid profiles, sealing profiles and other customer-specific cases.

AKMA Technology GmbH has executed and successfully implemented many a profile extrusion plant of the most different profile geometries for the various industries, which are relevant, including planning, design and engineering specific precision, quality and reliability.

For further questions regarding design, dimensioning and execution of the machines, as well as plant technology for pipe extrusion applications, please contact the company AKMA Technology GmbH as your partner for individual manufacture of plastic products.