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Range of competency and services:

Made-to-measure design and dimensioning of robust and universally applicable haul-off belts according to the respective individual packing requirements (length) of the end product, with downstream separating and cutting device.Design and implementation of the haul-off belts according to customer-specific quality and requirement specifications for packaging of the end product.The respective haul-off belt transports the end product to the separating device. The cut length is defined in proportion to the cutting frequency to the processing speed of the extrusion line.

Downstream cutting devices can be integrated as movable units stationary or flexibly into the processing line.Haul-off belt versions with cutting device are appropriate for all packaging lengths of plastic and rubber extrudates, no matter if technical profile or tube.Upon request it is possible to consider the engineering for other fields of application of flat, profiled materials of natural strength within a feasibility analysis.

The most frequent fields of application of cutting devices can be found in strand granulation, small tube manufacturing, tube manufacturing and granulation. Other fields of application possible upon request.

Performance characteristics

The range of AKMA Technology GmbH haul-off belts includes haul-off versions with

  • Cutting device as granulator for manufacturing plastic granulates
  • Cutting device as revolving single-edged knife for tube separation in combination with tube and full unwinding or similar.
  • Cutting device as multi-edged knife plate for manufacturing short, defined tube or full cuts of the most different diameters.
  • Cutting device as movable saw or as movable cutting wheel for chipless cutting, or as knife or guillotine unit.
  • Cutting devices in system engineering connection with haul-off belts with belt width from 10mm to 500mm, excess widths upon request
  • Contact surfaces from 200mm to 2000mm length, excess lengths upon request)
  • Haul-off forces up to 20 kN
  • Cleated haul-off widths from 500mm to 1000mm, excess lengths upon request
  • All combinations of haul-off belt with cutting device are fitted with an up-to-date PLC control.

Compact design allows a straight alignment within the entire extrusion line.



Connected to a higher-levelprocess control(interface programming).


Flexible installation situationsof the belt puller, modular structure for site-independent integration.


Drivesare D/C, A/C and servomotors


Direct drives or bevel gear drives for the synchronised belt pullers


Force fit and friction fit of the belt surfacesare geared to the application.