Medical engineering

Health care and the sustainable recovery after an illness are the benchmark for modern medical engineeringfor today and tomorrow. AKMA Technology GmbH competently advises, plans and implements extrusion lines for manufacturing high-quality products for medical applications.

Engineering plastic material products for medical technology demands high quality from the composition of the material as well as the high accuracy tolerance of the end product for use as a medical device.

Single-lumen and multi-lumen tubing for use as medical instruments in - minimum invasive surgery - are of major importance for their use as catheters and probes especially. With an outer diameter of 0.5mm and a thickness of 0.05mm these medical instruments are subjected to the highest demands for the safety of the patient and the execution of the medical application. The users, physicians and patients expect from the single-lumen and multi-lumen tubes made of thermoplastics, to be reliable and long-lasting products, which satisfy the highest precision standards. This is the reason why the tubes as catheters or probes are subjected to the highest safety standards of medical engineering. The manufacturers of these products have to meet these demanding standards. AKMA Technology GmbH, as a plant and machinery installer of complete extrusion lines performs according to the high medical safety standards.

The in-house technical centre offers the possibility to run pre-trials and tests in collaboration with the customer, in order to maintain higher planning security for complete systems and installations. AKMA Technology GmbH can refer to over 20 years of experience and development of extrusion machines and total plant engineering.

AKMA Technology GmbH design and manufacture bespoke systems for all types of Plastic Extrusions. AKMA Technology controls the entire processing chain, beginning with the concept, developing the solution, planning, design and tooling-up, for complete implementation of the solution - for the customer.


As an owner-managed, mid-size company, AKMA Technology GmbH is able to respond flexibly to customer demands, and is:

“Your partner and system planner from concept - to the end product“