Range of competency and services

Design and dimensioning of single-screw extruders according to customer-specific requirements taking into account the plastic granulate to be processed:

  • Thermoplastics
  • Duroplastics
  • Elastomers
  • Compounds (material mixes)

Design, engineering, implementation of the extrusion tool according to customer-specific quality specifications.Extruder versions for multi-layer extrusion according to customer-specific requirements.Extruder version for direct extrusion and batch and compound manufacturing.

Performance characteristics

The range of AKMA Technology GmbH extruders includes single-screw extruders with a screw diameter from 15mm to 125mm with variations of length, and ratio of diameters from 15D to 33D.The standard solution of the extruders are fitted with an up-to-date PLC control where the process parameters of the extrusion process are shown on a touch screen and adjustable for an optimum extrusion process.

The extruder drive is adjustable and executed with a robust spur gear.Compact design allows a straight alignment within the entire extrusion line.The extruder screws are executed according to the customer-specific requirements, and depending on the plastic materials to be processed they are nitrated, hardened or made of high-alloyed temperature-resistant screw materials.


  Connected to a higher-level process control (interface programming).
  Flexible installation situations of the extruders, vertically, inclinable, height-adjustable
  Extruder drives as D/C-, A/C- and servomotors or high-torque motors.
  Motor cooling according to the applied motor concept with inside /outside air cooling or water cooling.
  Screw geometry with barrier matched to the respective granulate, compound or other material mix.
  Cylinder liner version with degassing.Cylinder liner version with a grooved inside.Granulate feed with dosing unit, mixing unit (colour), material drying as steady solution or hopper solution.Granulate feed with air or as mechanical feed.