Winding and unwinding technology

Range of competency and services

Made-to-measure design and dimensioning of robust and universally applicable winding and unwinding machines, which execute the respective individual packaging requirements such as winding size (reel diameter, reel width), winding length and winding weight of the end product, in a system group of upstream haul-off belts, with downstream integrated separating and cutting equipment. Design and implementation of the winding and unwinding machines according to the customer-specific quality and requirement specifications for the final product packaging.

Reel accommodations on the winding machine versions are executed as

  • Reel winding machine
  • Quill winding machine


The winding and unwinding machines according to the required process speeds and process line control are executed as

  • Single-station winding machine
  • Multi-station winding machines with the configuration
  • Winding stations horizontally in a row
  • Winding stations vertically one upon the other
  • Winding stations in angular position to each other


The winding change: Removal and loading of the winding material can be designed as semi-automatic or fully automatic process operation. Winding and unwinding machines are appropriate for packaging of all windable extruded plastic and rubber materials, no matter if tube, solid rods or profiles.

Other applications for winding and unwinding machines are possible wherever windable, flat, profiled, tear-resistant semi-finished and finished products made of synthetic, metal, organic or inorganic materials are to be wound and packaged. A feasibility study can be carried out upon request.


Performance characteristics

The range of AKMA Technology GmbH winding and unwinding machines includes the following versions:

  • Single-station winding machines with mechanical or automatic laying unit above the reel width and layer arrangement.
  • Multi-station winding machines with mechanical or automatic laying unit above the reel width and layer arrangement.
  • Winding process mechanically controlled via tension control
  • Winding process automatically controlled via dancer control
  • Reel accommodations for the most different reel systems: Reels of cardboard, wood, plastic
  • Reel spooling manually executed
  • Reel spooling automatically executed via pneumatic system
  • Compact design allows a straight alignment within the entire extrusion line.
  • The standard solution of the winding machines is fitted with an up-to-date PLC control where the process parameters are shown on a touch screen and are adjustable for an optimum work flow.
  • Reel speed regulated according to the current winding diameter.



Connected to a higher-level process control (interface programming).


Flexible installation situations, modular structure for site-independent integration.


Drives are D/C, A/C and servomotors


Quill winding machines for heavy winding weights.