Haul-off belt technology

Range of competency and services

Made-to-measure design and dimensioning of robust and universally applicable haul-off belts according to the respective individual performance requirements.

Design and implementation of the haul-off belts to customer-specific quality and requirement specifications. These can be supplied as haul-off belt or haul-off caterpillar solution. The respective approach to the solution depends on the product to be conveyed and the plant design.

Haul-off belt versions for the transport of plastic and rubber extrudates. Design for other cases of transport and application such as flat single-layer and multi-layer paper piles, flat compound material layers, ferrous and non-ferrous flat sheet metal layers or round profile cross-sections are available on request.


Performance characteristics

The range of AKMA Technology GmbH haul-off belts includes versions with

  • belt width from 10mm to 500mm, excess widths upon request
  • contact surfaces from 200mm to 2000mm length, excess lengths upon request
  • Haul-off forces up to 20 kN
  • Haul-off width as cleated haul-off from 500mm to 1000mm, excess lengths upon request
  • Opening and closing pneumatically or manually with hand wheel
  • Opening and closing to centre axis of haul-off line, optional opening and closing of the upper belt to the stationary lower belt of the haul-off belt.
  • Haul-off pressure adjustable
  • The standard solution of the haul-off belts is fitted with an up-to-date PLC control where the process parameters of the haul-off process are shown on a touch screen and are adjustable for an optimum haul-off process. The haul-off speed is adjustable.

Compact design allows a straight alignment within the entire extrusion line.




Connected to a higher-levelprocess control(interface programming).


Flexible installation situations of the belt puller, modular structure for site-independent integration.


Belt drives as D/C, A/C and servomotors


Direct drives or bevel gear drives for the synchronised belt pullers


Force fit and friction fit of the belt surfaces are geared to the application.