Delivery table / drop-off table

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Technology of delivery table, drop-off table,
intelligent table systems

Range of competency / services

The extrusion of different end products requires different line alignments for the extrusion process.Integrated quality measurements, changes of direction, product logistics within the extrusion line alignment require storage places, chutes, discharge heights, product acceleration, and space for devices of measurement, inspection, and printing of the end product.The line functions and process parameters of the extrusion process have to be taken into account with respect to the positioning and integration of intelligent table systems such as delivery tables and drop-off tables.


Intelligent table systems areDelivery tables, which have the process function for

  • organised delivery of ready-made / cut end products
  • blowing the end product dry after the cooling bath
  • leak test, functional and quality check of the end product
  • sorting, wrapping and picking according to the ready-made product

Drop-off tables, which have the process function for

  • organised delivery of ready-made / cut end products
  • changing the direction in the line alignment of the extrusion line
  • buffer storage in the extrusion line
  • inclined feed for the additional line functions such as packaging, marking, sorting

The integration is in immediate correlation with the respective specific logic connection of machines within the process chain.

The execution and integration of intelligent table systems can also be used for other types of application. The design of non-rusting materials allows the application in the industry of food processing, cosmetics and pet food. Applications for production processes under clean room conditions are available.


Performance characteristics

The range of AKMA Technology GmbH delivery tables and drop-off tables includes,

  • delivery table with continuously adjustable haul-off belt speed
  • drop-off table with adjustable dropping delay
  • flexible dropping positions for drop-off tables
  • Table adjustments of the X-Y-C-axis for optimum table alignmen
  • Compact design allows a straight alignment within the entire extrusion line.




Connected to a higher-level process control (interface programming).


Counter for cut, ready-made end products


Quantity counter for cut, ready-made end products


Sorting facility with rake


Identification of good and bad via optical OK parts identification


Separating rake for sorting ready-made end products